Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pain Management

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of daily life and diminishing quality of life. For individuals who have not found relief from traditional pain management approaches, spinal cord stimulator (SCS) therapy offers a promising alternative for alleviating pain and improving function. Dr. Ali Nairizi at United Pain Urgent Care in Reno, NV, can explain what spinal cord stimulator therapy is and how it can help you manage your pain.

Understanding Spinal Cord Stimulator Therapy

A spinal cord stimulator is a small device implanted by your doctor in Reno, NV, under the skin that delivers mild electrical impulses to the spinal cord to block or modify pain signals before they reach the brain. This process effectively reduces pain perception and provides relief for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions.

During SCS therapy, thin wires are inserted into the epidural space near the spinal cord. These electrodes are connected to a pulse generator, which is implanted under the skin, typically in the lower abdomen or buttock region. The pulse generator delivers electrical impulses to the spinal cord, interfering with the transmission of pain signals and replacing them with a tingling sensation known as paresthesia, which is more tolerable than the sensation of pain.

Spinal cord stimulation can help to provide relief from chronic pain. This can help improve your overall quality of life and make each day easier. SCS therapy is also customizable to each individual's needs, allowing for precise adjustment of stimulation parameters to achieve optimal pain relief and comfort.

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