The Benefits of Seeing an Urgent Care Doctor

If you’re feeling ill or are in pain in or around Reno, NV, Dr. Ali Nairizi at United Pain Urgent Care is the urgent care doctor to see. 

Benefits of Seeing an Urgent Care Doctor

 When you’re sick, injured, or in pain, you often think your only choices for seeking help are the hospital or your primary care doctor. While both of these certainly have their place, in some cases, you’ll find that an urgent care doctor is the right solution. Below, Dr. Nairizi and the team at United Pain Urgent Care in Reno, NV, share some of the most important benefits you can gain from urgent care. 

Quality Care for Most Health Issues 

 Urgent care providers are highly educated and skilled professionals who can diagnose and treat most issues. If life or limb is threatened, the emergency room is the right choice. If you’re seeking wellness or follow-up care, your primary doctor is the one to visit. However, anything in between can be seen at an urgent care facility. 

Convenient Hours 

 One incredible benefit of urgent care is the hours. They are typically open much later than doctor’s offices and often on weekends. 

No Appointment Necessary 

 While some primary care doctors keep time in their daily schedules for walk-ins, not all do. This can leave you sick, in pain, and suffering while you wait for an appointment to become available. Urgent care facilities are designed for easy access and don’t require an appointment.

Less Waiting 

 Urgent care centers are also designed for efficiency. This is an incredible asset for patients, as they can get in and out much more quickly than they can in a hospital. Even primary doctors who accept walk-ins often have patients waiting for extended periods while they are being worked in. This is not the case at urgent care facilities, though. 

Cost Effective 

 Anyone who has ever received a bill from a trip to the emergency room knows just how expensive it can be. Often, you receive separate bills for tests and the doctor’s fees. And sadly, these bills sometimes include unnecessary tests that hike the bills up even higher.

Those who have experienced such issues before often avoid hospitals at all costs, which can be detrimental to their health and extend their suffering. Urgent care offers a much more affordable option that allows patients to get the care they need without draining their bank accounts.

Our Difference

United Pain Urgent Care is the specialized urgent care in pain injuries and it is different from ER and traditional urgent care cares.  United Pain Urgent Care offers patients a beacon of hope of immediate relief without the shackles of opioids. We believe in a future where pain is met with compassion, not judgment; where every person, regardless of their circumstances, receives the care and support they deserve. United Pain Urgent Care provides same-day interventional procedures for acute pain and injuries, a service unavailable at most urgent cares or ERs, where treatment delays can stretch for weeks potentially leading to opioid use and addiction. 

If you have any questions or would like to visit our urgent care doctor, Dr. Nairizi, at United Pain Urgent Care in Reno, NV, call (775) 384-1380.

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