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When you should see your urgent care doctor in Reno, NV, for help with an injury or illness

You never know when you might suffer an illness, develop an infection, or injure yourself. That’s why it’s important to have urgent care services available. Dr. Ali Nairizi at United Pain Urgent Care in Reno, NV, provides a wide range of urgent care and pain management services to help you with an injury or illness.

In addition to an injury, illness, or infection, acute or chronic pain can be difficult to deal with too. You need to know when to seek out the expertise and skills of your urgent care doctor.

You should seek out urgent care if you need help with an injury, illness, or pain within 24 hours. The types of injuries and illnesses seen by your urgent care doctor include:

  • Acute or chronic pain which doesn't resolve or is getting worse
  • A fall which has caused an injury
  • An accident which has caused an injury
  • A cut that is deep and requires stitches
  • A fever which doesn’t resolve within 24 hours
  • A severe sore throat which doesn’t resolve
  • Skin rashes which don’t resolve within a few days
  • Muscle aches that don’t resolve within a few days
  • Muscle, tendon, and ligament strains
  • Skin lacerations, burns, and other skin irritations

The services your pain urgent care doctor provides are comprehensive, including:

  • Ordering lab testing and reviewing lab results
  • Ordering imaging studies to evaluate an injury
  • Prescribing recommended and necessary medications
  • Providing a referral to visit a specialist if necessary

Seeking out care from your pain urgent care doctor can keep your illness or injury from getting worse. You never know when a medical condition or injury can worsen, putting you in the hospital. It’s best to play it safe and seek out the pain urgent care doctor.

To find out more about when to seek out urgent care services and how they can help you recover from an illness or injury, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Ali Nairizi at United Pain Urgent Care in Reno, NV. You can reach him in the office by calling (775) 384-1380, so call today.

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