Living with CRPS: Understanding and Managing a Chronic Pain Condition

If you or a loved one are living with the condition then you are aware of how much it can impact your daily life. Although for many the symptoms eventually fade, they can still be debilitating, and for some, they can be long-lasting. You can seek help to manage the pain caused by Complex Region Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in Reno, NV, by reaching out directly to United Pain Urgent Care with Dr. Ali Nairizi.


CRPS is a chronic condition that can affect one of your limbs after either an injury or surgery, although it can also manifest after a stroke. It is a chronic condition because the symptoms are present for 6 months or longer, and these are characterized as severe and persistent pain.

The pain is typically localized to an area that can be very sensitive to the touch and can show signs of swelling and stiffness. It can also affect the muscles which can lead to movement spasms and other related symptoms.

Treatment for Complex Region Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in Reno, NV

It's true that for some the symptoms eventually go away, but it's still a very painful experience while you are forced to endure it. Your pain management physicians can help diagnose CRPS as early as possible and provide you with a customized treatment plan that's tailored just to your specific needs.

A physical examination and a thorough review of your symptoms can usually help determine if it's CRPS that you are struggling with, but imaging tests can be included to rule out any other conditions. The exact treatment plan to manage your pain will vary, but it typically includes rehab and physical therapy to improve your mobility and restore your range of motion, and can also involve the use of nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulation to manage severe pain and alternative therapies.

If you are seeking to manage the symptoms of Complex Region Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and live in or around the Reno, NV, area, you can schedule a consultation with United Pain Urgent Care with Dr. Nairizi by dialing (775) 384-1380.

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